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20130622_112206 (2)Luck was on my side a couple months ago when I won two wonderful prizes in a raffle at work – a New York Sports Club 3 month free membership and a day at Sulis, The Spa at Melandre! Naturally, I made the spa appointment IMMEDIATELY and I am thrilled that I did!

This past weekend I traveled to Nutley, NJ for my much needed and well-deserved spa day at Sulis, The Spa at Melandre. Not knowing what to expect, and not being an avid spa-goer, I went in with an open mind, not to mention some tense limbs! Right away, I was greeted by the smiling, super-bubbly receptionist, Dana, who had me fill out some first-timer paperwork before escorting me upstairs to the Sulis Spa for my blissful morning to begin. It was there that I met a lovely woman who gave me a mini tour of the spa & showed me everything I needed to do in preparation for my massage. She explained that the name of the spa ‘Sulis’ is derived from the rainwater in Bath, London thousands of years ago where extremely high temperatures would transform the water droplets into steam. This steam rose upward, heating the natural springs at the surface which caused such power rejuvenation and healing that they were considered effects of Aqua Sulis, the goddess of healing spa waters.20130622_111321 (2)

I walked into the women’s locker room and was instantly impressed with the décor and felt that my stuff would be totally safe there. And that was JUST the locker room! I put on my super comfy robe and sandals, and made my way into the ‘Tranquilty’ room. I walked into heaven! A luscious, long white couch with long, flow-y drapes hanging from the ceiling were awaiting me! The ambiance was unmatched and none like I’ve ever seen! Soft music playing in the background, with just enough light coming in from the outside to allow me to see, but yet enough light was kept out that made it feel completely peaceful and relaxing. To top it off, complimentary beverages and noshies were provided, should I be in the mood for a nibble while waiting!

20130622_112310 (2)Ms. Fran came walking into the ‘Tranquility’ room to greet me and begin the introductions. She was my massage therapist, and boy was I excited! She was warm, sweet, engaging and I came to find out she is wonderful at her job! She has a real gift! I felt comfortable, relaxed and ‘in good hands’ (haha!). She focused on my concerns and made sure that each was addressed during the session. I felt like a million bucks walking out of her room and was totally satisfied with the service. I seriously can’t wait to go back to her again 🙂 If you go to Sulis, The Spa at Melandre, be sure to ask for Fran!

It was time to go get my nails done and a mani was definitely needed! On my way down to the nail spa, I was greeted by the owner of Melandre, Miriam. A gorgeous, tall, friendly, sweet woman who welcomed me to her salon / spa personally. Now, THAT’S customer service! We got a chance to chat a bit over the freshly poured green tea she offered me, and told me that she’s been there for years, starting out as a receptionist. This is TRULY an inspiration to women EVERYWHERE! It proves that if you begin in a certain entry-level position, it actually IS possible to make your way up to the top and possibly own your own business! The salon & spa itself is beyond beautiful. You can tell Miriam has paid attention to each and every detail. From the décor, to the ambiance, to the stylish / trend setting employees that work there, it has everything you need under 1 roof – salon for hair cut & color, nail spa for those mani & pedi treatments, full spa for all the massages your heart desires and a makeup area to get your makeup application professionally done!20130622_111034 (2)

My mani was superb and just what I needed to freshen up my summertime look! I went with an Essie pastel purple and couldn’t be happier While being pampered, Laurie came into the nail room to introduce herself. Yet again, another clear sign of exceptional customer service. Laurie was described as the ‘Jackie of All Trades’ at Sulis, The Spa at Melandre. She’s a hairdresser, nail tech, massage therapist etc and she’s a doll to boot! I did not have the pleasure of experiencing Laurie’s services, but hope to in the future! If you are looking for a spa sanctuary that’s truly a ‘hidden gem,’ look no further – Sulis, The Spa at Melandre has EVERYTHING you need!

To book an appointment you can contact them directly by phone at 973.667.6059 or take a look at their website to see a full menu of services they offer.

Cheers to rest & relaxation!

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