Letter to the Editor: GROMACK’S TRUE COLORS

To the Editor,

I always knew that Alex Gromack, our esteemed Clarkstown supervisor, would show his true colors. He crows how Ilan Schoenberger is his selection for county executive, because he “yearns for leadership in New City that will bridge the divide between county and town government.”

Were it not so sad it would be a comedian’s set at the local comedy club. This is nauseating and nothing more than a bold face political move, typical for someone of Alex’s ilk. Not long ago Mr. Gromack was screaming because the County Legislature sued our town over a road closure. Then he blamed the County for dumping election, RCC charge backs, and mosquito control costs on Clarkstown, causing our town taxes to rise. The architect of those plans was none other than his new buddy, Ilan Schoenberger, the man who wants to add even more government to our county through the addition of a comptroller after his horrid record of fiscal incompetence has led our county to the place it currently finds itself.

I would expect to see this type of subordinate behavior from a victim of physical or emotional abuse. Alex knows full well the one person in the county executive race who has stood up for Clarkstown – and also supported him in his efforts to stop this madness – has been Ed Day. Instead of doing the right thing, Alex falls into my own given nickname for him, Alex Grom’Hack.’ He cannot be ashamed for this given that he has not true moral or ethical compass to guide him.

But Grom’Hack’ has made one thing very clear – he has sold out our Town of Clarkstown to the Ramapo political machine. What’s next – the complete fragmentation of Clarsktown so as to mirror the conditions in Ramapo? The sale of Clarkstown property to Ramapo so an expanding population can be accommodated here in our town? Another golf course deal gone wrong? Please Alex, let us know so we can properly react.

Ellie Diaz

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