Bloomberg Seeks Helipad in Orangeburg


Bloomberg LP, fresh from a “Topping Off” ceremony for its new corporate data collection center in Orangeburg a week earlier, is now seeking permission from the Town of Orangetown to authorize construction of a “Helipad” there as well.

A presentation was made to the Town Board at a sparsely attended workshop meeting Tuesday by Bloomberg consultant Richard W. Loeffler, a private site planner who specializes in airports and helipads, and was met with a curious but generally supportive reception by the five-member council.

In his 13-page report on Tuesday, Loeffler said the helipad would be a concrete pad on level ground, measuring about 80 square feet along with a paved driveway from Corporate Park Drive to the pad, a windsock on a pole to measure wind velocity and direction, and landing lights imbedded in the ground facing upward.

“The helipad is intended to prove quick and efficient access to this critical facility in instances when events require essential executives or technical staff to access the data center,” Loeffler stated.

Loeffler said he would return to a business session of the board next week for a more formal presentation, hopefully resulting in a favorable vote by the council authorizing Bloomberg and its partners to proceed with construction. Four approvals appear to be needed to proceed with the helipad, two from Orangetown and one each from the New York State Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Authority.

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