You Gotta Love Joan

Joan celebrates once cycle of cicadas at Stony Point town pool

Joan DuBois, beloved pool lady and culinary genius
Joan DuBois, beloved pool lady and culinary genius

Longtime Stony Point recreation employee Joan DuBois, the lady who greets residents at the pool entrance, marks 17 years with the town this year. She told the Rockland County Times that her first year on the job it was also cicada season and so the same brood has now made one full cycle around during her watch.

DuBois is also a former longtime cafeteria employee at North Rockland High School and creator of the famous “Joan Special” sandwich. The sandwich, which features Cajun turkey, melted pepper jack cheese, crushed Doritos and other good stuff, was in such demand with high school students that local eatery Deli Central added it to its sandwich menu years ago. Though DuBois retired from her cafeteria job in recent years, the sandwich remains a best-seller at Deli Central.

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