The past two weeks Monsey Family Medical Center hosted their first two nutrition workshops. The classes are presented weekly, on Monday afternoon and given in a consecutive series of six in total. The workshop is brought to the center in cooperation with Cornell and Eat Smart New York. The medical center offered this class at no cost to all who where eligible. The “standing room only crowd” witnessed and learned a great deal of surprising nutrition facts. Each participant was challenged into thinking more about their diets, and took home realistic tools to practice healthy eating.

Cornell Cooperative Extension nutritionist Diane J. Haltner, who was the lecturer for the program, said, “We assessed our ability to correctly identify ‘how much’ food we eat via a food station quiz that was set up around the room. Then we compared portion (what we serve ourselves) to servings standardized amount.” Also discussed at the first Monday’s class was portion distortion and some ways we can set up our environment to be more successful in limiting poor food choices or decreasing the total amount of calories consumed. Attendees were asked to write down at least one goal they have for themselves or what they would like to get out of the class.

This Monday participants will learn how to ‘build’ a healthy menu using the Myplate guideline. We will discuss how to make choices within each food group that will maximize nutrient density. The presenter will provide guidelines for changes that can be used to improve overall health by decreasing fats, sugars, and salt. The class is full at the moment, but if you call 845-352-6800 ext 6844, the Medical Center may be able to find space for you to attend.

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