Conservative Party opposition leader Sam Naemit has revealed to the Rockland County Times that Stephan F. Peters for Clarkstown Highway Superintendent will be running for the Conservative Party ticket. He joins Wayne Ballard (R) and Dennis Malone (D) in the race.

If he wins the primary, he might play spoiler, as Superintendent Wayne Ballard had been hoping to win four lines in order to fend off a challenge from the well-known Democratic candidate Malone.

Stephan F. Peters said, “It’s time for a change.” The 34-year veteran of the Clarkstown Highway Department and supervisor for the last 27 years, Peters, will be running for superintendent of highways for Clarkstown on the Conservative line.

Peters said, “I have three pledges that I make for running for Clarkstown Highway Superintendent. First, to have an open door policy with the great citizens of Clarkstown where I will meet with citizens to discuss problems that they have regarding the Highway Department.”

Referring to the ever-controversial Legislator Frank Sparaco, who works under Ballard in the Highway Department, Peters sniped, “I do not need a paid political operative to be my constituent service representative.”

Peters said he will “save money by not repairing our equipment by outside vendors and keeping it in house in where our mechanics that we pay can do the same job. And thirdly, never pay an outside contractor to dump dirt when the Clarkstown Highway Department owns so many dump trucks.”

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