Statement of Jim Dean, Orangetown Highway Superintendent and president of the Highway Superintendent’s Association of Rockland County

As president and representative of the Highway Superintendent’s Association of Rockland County and one of the five elected Town Highway Superintendents in Rockland County, it is imperative that the public be informed of the truth, and not what politicians spin as the truth.

Therefore, I would like to address a claim made by Town of Clarkstown Councilman Frank Borelli to the Journal News (July 18, 2013 Borelli faces party discipline). Mr. Borelli states he would not support the re-election of Highway Superintendent Wayne Ballad because Wayne Ballard did not support the consolidation of the town garages. That statement about Ballard opposing any consolidation that would save Town taxpayers’ hard earned monies is not true. Further, the inference that our Association is against consolidation to reduce costs is also not true. Any savings to be gained could have been accomplished by assigning these duties to the Highway Superintendent, elected by the voters, as prescribed by New York State Highway Law. We are not opposed to consolidation for “economic reasons” we are opposed to Clarkstown changing the law for “political reasons.”

Clarkstown Highway Superintendent Wayne Ballard never fought the concept of consolidation. All correspondences and Town Board Resolutions attest to the fact that Superintendent Ballard had been working since 2008 towards the goal of supporting consolidation where it saves taxpayers’ funds. Clarkstown’s local law removes the taxpayers’ voice in this consolidating. It is well documented that Wayne Ballard has successfully reduced staff and spending over the years.

What all Highway Superintendents in Rockland County opposed was the creation of a local law that over-rode a New York State Highway Law that was written to keep Highway Departments away from politics. In fact, the former Clarkstown Highway Superintendent joined in our countywide lawsuit to keep politics out of the Town Highway Garage. The Town of Orangetown and other Towns in Rockland County can save taxpayers’ funds without the need of any local law that only consolidates political power and does nothing to keep our Town Highways safe and sound.

Jim Dean,
Orangetown Highway Superintendent
President, Highway Superintendent’s
Association of Rockland County

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