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IMG_20130730_151614A bunch of my friends and I ventured over to Cape Cod, MA a couple of weeks ago, not only to witness the marriage of a wonderful couple, but to also honor the birthday of yours truly 🙂 Now one year older, wiser & sweeter, I felt extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to celebrate with everyone around me while on vacation. We had total and complete rest & relaxation for 1 full week and really got a chance to experience much of what the Cape had to offer. I fully recommend going at least once to see this quaint vacation spot for yourself!

I absolutely love the beach, but I’m certainly not an ocean-loving gal. I am never the one to dive right into a wave upon walking onto sand. I am perfectly happy & content lounging on a chair with iPod headphones plugged in & a nice cold Schweppes Seltzer waiting for me in the cup holder. I also find comfort in basking under the sun, soaking up some rays to achieve that glorious sun-kissed glow that makes you look alive (BUT I never forget to apply oil-free SPF sunscreen to avoid overexposure & a potential burn situation). I avoid wearing makeup while sun-bathing, however, there are just some times where a little mascara and eyeliner wouldn’t hurt – especially when pictures are being snapped, that will undoubtedly be posted to Facebook 🙂 So, I decided to test out a couple of sweet waterproof products during vacation, which would certainly keep the GLAM going. Aqualillies for Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in “Splash” ($24 USD and sold at Sephora) was my saving grace when I wanted to define my baby blues & spruce it up a bit. The angled brush that the eyeliner pot comes with made it simple and super easy to apply. I wet the tip of the brush and picked up a small dot-sized amount, drawing a line from the outside corner of the top lid to the inside corner. I personally chose not to apply on the lower lash line, but by all means, go nuts! The color I bought (teal / turquoise) really picked up on my natural eye and didn’t give me that heavy / dramatic look, which I wanted to avoid during the daytime. I was just looking for something that would add a subtle pop, without calling out “Hey, I’m the girl with black, dark eyeliner on mid-day, while no one else is visibly wearing makeup!” The product inside the pot itself is extra creamy & easy to manipulate when applying. The waterproof element really came in handy anytime I decided to dunk in the ocean & got splashed by a random wave.Aqualillies-for-Tarte-Amazonian-Clay-Waterproof-Liner-Splash

In conjunction with the Tarte eyeliner pot, I decided to purchase a waterproof mascara to complete the look. Little did I know that this would be THE BEST waterproof mascara I’ve ever tried – DiorShow Waterproof Mascara in ”Jet Black” ($25 USD, available in 2 more colors: Azure Blue & Chestnut Brown, and also sold at Sephora, as well as any retailer with a Christian Dior makeup counter). It goes on light & feathery, which is the KEY to achieving voluminous, thick-looking lashes. It is non-sticky and separates the lashes without fuss. My favorite thing to do with mascara is layering. This product made layering very easy – which to me, is the best way to create that full-lash look. I tend to layer on mascara in this order:

1) First application – before applying any makeup on the face at all

2) Second application – directly after I’ve put all of my makeup on

3) Third application – a very quick touch to the base of the upper and lower lash by moving the wand back & forth very quickly to ensure that the thickest part of the lash has the most product

This process of applying my mascara has been successful for me. Many people have asked while I’ve had mascara on, if these are my real lashes, and I’m happy to report that they are! In fact, I’ve never ever tried falsies (maybe when I get married I’ll give them a try)! So, for those who love the lashes al natural, yet with as much pop as possible, this might be the best way to achieve that look. Lastly, DiorShow Waterproof Mascara is truly hassle-free when it’s time to remove. All you need is some eye makeup remover & a tissue, and it slips right off!

Next time you’re at the beach / pool / surfing etc, and you’d like to add a ‘touch’ of makeup to your lovely face, I would check out these great waterproof options that are sure to keep the GLAM going!

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