SPARACO TAPES FALLOUT: Borelli Expelled from GOP Committee

Clarkstown Council Member Frank Borelli, who was at the center of Legislator Frank Sparaco’s recent video tape revelations, has been expelled from the Rockland County GOP Committee. County Chairman Vincent Reda cited Borelli’s alleged misconduct including “trying to arrange a political payoff on behalf of a Democratic candidate for Clarkstown Highway Superintendent,” as the reason for his expulsion.

In an ethics hearing, the GOP Committee found Borelli guilty of two counts of disloyalty for working against Republican Clarkstown Highway Superintendent Wayne Ballard and Republican county executive candidate Ed Day; one count of attempted bribery, and one count of attempted office corruption.

“Mr. Borelli’s actions are contrary to the high ideals to which Rockland Republican Committee members are expected to adhere,” Chairman Reda said. “It is deeply disappointing to see a local elected official who once held such promise succumb to the temptations of politics. Rockland County deserves better.”

It is very rare for committeemen, let alone those who are elected officials, to be thrown out of their Committee seats. The first two votes were unanimous and the next pair were by approximately 90 percent consensus. Committee seats are either appointed by the party chair or voted on during primary elections.

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