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IMG_20130821_150004 (2)Here’s a front row seat to the Sugarpova fashion accessories line launch I attended at Henri Bendel’s with Tennis Superstar Maria Sharapova… Here we go!

Upon entering the iconic Henri Bendel’s on Fifth Avenue in NYC, you’re immediately greeted by eager jewelry designers that want to adorn you with their original designs and makeup artists looking to give you a new, fabulously flawless look. I immediately took note of the gorgeous Sugarpova display in the front window – stock piled with delectable candy bags, cute pink t-shirts, adorable baseball caps, beautiful handbags & cosmetic bags and BEST of all (in my little nuggety opinion) Sugarpova emblemmed jewelry! The energy was high with people swarming the scene and it was quite clear that the presence of Maria Sharapova was felt throughout the entire building! A line wrapping down the stairs, level upon level, appeared to have no end in sight. Everyone was there to meet & greet the famous tennis beauty. As I stood waiting to be told where the bloggers should stand, Maria surprised me by walking out of the elevator right in front of me! It happened so quickly, that I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough! As you would expect, she looked stunningly gorgeous in an emerald green & black short dress, classic black pumps & those legs… va-va-voom! The moment she popped onto the scene, lights were f

DSC_7157 (2)

lashing and the paparazzi were yelling her name to snap that ‘perfect’ photo. She was immediately escorted to a line of cameras for interviewing, and I made my way to a spot I could stop to snap some photos of my own. Crowds on every floor of the famous store lined up across the balcony, looking over at Maria and the beautiful Sugarpova press box. As I stood there taking pictures, a very friendly gentleman came over and st

arted talking to me. He had asked why there was such a crowd and how everyone knew that Maria would be at Henri Bendel’s that night. After some exchanges and a few laughs, I found out that that gentleman was Maria’s father! He was such a great a guy and you could tell he was so proud of his daughter. He started waving to her from across the room while she was conducting interviews, and she started waving right back. It just goes to show, no matter how famous one becomes, you always seek out your family / friends that you’ve known your whole life. That support and love was literally felt across the room. The positive energy made me smile 🙂

Most of my night was spent amo

IMG_20130822_150624 (2)

ngst the crowd, looking to catch a better glimpse of Maria, and since I was a good distance away from the star, I really wished that I had better zoom on my camera. The guy next to me had an intense and professional looking camera – I was jealous! We started talking.. turns out John was part of the paparazzi. This guy was so sweet… he let me take some photos of Maria using his very expensive piece of equipment & even e-mailed me the photos that I personally took that same night! He knew that I was covering the event as well and was hoping to include a great shot on my blog. He thought it would be a good idea to also post a pho

to of myself while at the event… so he snapped a quick pic. There I am!
I found my way back to the huge Sugarpova display in the front window so I could purchase the silly gummy worms I had my eye on all night – glad that I did… they were scrumptious! I also

IMG_20130822_150201 (2)

saw a lot of sparkle and shine…namely, the cute Sugarpova lip logo bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Ooo-la-la! The large, colorful shoulder bag was just too cute & went well with the Sugarpova pink t-shirt I spotted. Another personal fav, the cosmetic case came in 3 fun shapes and perfect for carrying all of your makeup essentials while on-the-go! Purchase Maria Sharapova’s Sugarpova candy & brand new fashion accessories here – you’ll be very pleased!

I’m so appreciative that I was asked to come by the Sugarpova event at Henri Bendel in NYC. It was so inspiring being in the same room as a woman who is not just a great athlete & role model, but a business woman with a brand. You could tell that she really loves the Sugarpova brand (I even heard that she was seriously considering legally changing her name to Sugarpova for the US Open!) and was excited to be at the launch. Although this is not a post about a specific beauty product, or a post focusing solely on an inspiring message, I do believe that this event proved that pretty (fashion accessories) & positivity (Maria’s family traveling to support her) can be found all around. You just always need to be open to it!

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