Letter to the Editor: ILAN, REALLY? REALLY? REALLY?

To the Editor,

On September 10, Rockland County executive candidate Ilan Schloenberger will be hoping to secure the Democratic nomination in the hopes of winning the general election in November to become our next chief executive officer.

During Ilan’s leadership as chairman of the Finance Committee, Rockland County has realized a more than $100 million deficit, which is now over $125 million. In addition, previously Ilan served as finance director for the Town of Ramapo, which is currently under investigation from the FBI and currently on DiNapoli’s list of top fiscally stressed municipalities.

I am sorry, but Rockland County does not need a CEO that will bring a playbook of business as usual, which will only increase taxes and continue to keep Rockland County as the third highest county in the nation in regards to property taxes. Rockland County needs a strong leader like Ed Day, who has voted against the budget since 2008. Ed has also endorsed think tank group Pattern for Progress’ recent recommendations to help alleviate Rockland’s fiscal crisis.

So Ilan, really? Really? Really? I don’t see how providing you the keys to the County will help better Rockland’s fiscal future. This fall I will be voting for Ed Day.

Diego Aviles

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