Vladimir Leon Challenges David Fried and Legislator Ilan Shoenberger to Primary Election Debate; Rockland County Times Offers to Host

Democratic Party write-in candidate Vladimir Leon (D-Spring Valley) is challenging David Fried and Legislator Ilan Shoenberger to a debate about Rockland County’s current budget and future economic development before the September 10 Democratic primary.

The Rockland County Times has offered to host the debate and to find a mutually agreed-upon moderator as well as web streaming service. News 12 or another television venue is welcome to co-host the debate, Rockland County Times associate publisher Dylan Skriloff noted.

No debates are currently scheduled before Primary Day. David Fried’s campaign recently attempted to schedule a debate Ilan Schoenberger, but Schoenberger did not agree to it.

Vladimir Leon said, “If David Fried and Legislator Ilan Shoenberger feel strong as candidates, they should accept the challenged debate and expose their future plans” to fix Rockland’s economy and fiscal situation.



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