Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom

To get an idea as to how the dating scene is in Nyack, I went to one of the “hottest” places this weekend; The Pour House. They have your usual crowd, guys watching sports on their big flat screen TVs, patrons eating dinner, and then the young crowd looking for a good time.

It’s Saturday night, so they have what most bars have today: Live music later on in the evening.

This is actually when it got very interesting.

I was there with three of my girls, when this guy who was sitting at a table of all guys walked up to my table. Now, I can tell in the first thirty seconds of conversation if a guy is a talker, a sweetheart, or a gamer (A guy who goes out for the main purpose to score with chicks.)

Now he wasn’t what people today would call “hot” or “strapping,” but he was surely charming, athletic, and extremely cute. He said he was a Cadette at West Point, which in itself is very impressive. And he was twenty-one. And the big thing about this guy was that he was a “talker.”

What do I mean when I say, talker? Well, there are some guys who can talk a great game, and that is all they are about. If they had to sell themselves and brand themselves to make money, they would be instantly rich because that is just how good of a talker this particular guy was.

Getting back to this guy approaching my table, he came talking about how if one of the girls I was sitting with got up and danced with his “short” friend, that friend would pay the tab, which accumulated to about two hundred and fifty dollars. For some reason though my impression was that it was all a tactic to get a girl’s phone number and the bet was to see if he could talk his way into getting that phone number or even getting a date.

As he talked on and on for about a good forty minutes, he just kept putting his foot in his mouth. He told one of my girls I was with that he played a sport that she loved and as we were talking to another Cadette, who was the total opposite of this guy, “the talker” actually said that he was cut from the team and that he was, (insert scary music here) lying. See, that is why the talker has game. Because he can talk to the point where he can say whatever and you will believe him.

I find it funny that when he got caught in one of his lies, he tried to talk his way out of it, but in the same breath, after that, he just “disappeared” from the scene.

Then there was the scene on the dance floor. They had a DJ playing old school dance music as well as songs from today. This is when the shady, creepy guys seemed to appear from nowhere. There were two guys in particular that I observed all night. They were guys who could actually dance but they also crossed that boundary line on the dance floor. They were touching, grabbing, rubbing and grinding next to pretty much every single woman that was in their viscosity. At one point one of these guys literally picked up a girl and brought her on the dance floor but there was also one girl who volunteered to piggy-back to the dance floor with him. Maybe that was the alcohol talking, I don’t know.

Then of course you had your guys scanning the room for chicks.

One of my girls has the best butt ever. I am not lying. Not to mention she is just gorgeous and has a fabulous personality, but every, and I mean every guy in that place either was staring, talking about her butt, or trying to get as humanly close as possible to it. The creepy part is that guys were actually taking photos of it with their “dumb” phones. I (hate calling them smart phones because seriously they make people dumb or do dumb things.)

I just don’t think that is something that you should be doing. I don’t care how old you are, that’s just rude and nasty.

I actually felt like I was in a “Step up” movie except for the part where Channing Tatum’s character Tyler finally moves forward with a romantic relationship, because that certainly was not happening here. But it’s like I always say, life doesn’t work out like it does in the movies.

The only draw back is that the age of the crowd is quite young. (early to mid- 20s) But luckily in my case, the only thing that matters is the personality of the guy, the way he treats me and how much we have in common. Because the only time age should matter is if you are cheese, or wine.

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