Schoenberger Challenging Day’s Preserve Rockland Petitions in Court


Tis the season to bring a lawsuit.

Electoral opponents continue to harangue each other over technicalities in election petitions and the Board of Elections has proven more than willing to throw out petitions it finds legally subpar.

In the latest development, Democratic front-runner for county executive, Legislator Ilan Schoenberger, has filed a suit to invalidate GOP candidate Legislator Ed Day’s nearly 6,000 signatures to create a countywide Preserve Rockland line. Schoenberger’s team cited a number of technicalities, including a claim that the name of the party will be confused with Preserve Ramapo and that instead of “my ‘present’ place of residence,” the petition reads “my place of residence.”

Schoenberger and Day will be spending time and money fighting the matter in court sometime this month.

The Board of Elections has thrown out thousands of signatures for Clarkstown’s Preserve Rockland ballot line over a perceived flaw in the numbering of pages. Supporters of the Clarkstown ballot are confident they will win in court and have cited legal precedent that minor issues, such as numbering of pages on an election petition, require the Board of Elections to provide three days to fix the error before invalidation takes effect.

In other news in the world of political blood sport, Working Families Party board member and sometimes Democratic Party attorney Larry Weissman has confirmed that his tires were slashed and the word “dick” painted twice on his car. He has not accused any particular person of the vandalism and cannot confirm whether it is related to political activities.


One Response to "Schoenberger Challenging Day’s Preserve Rockland Petitions in Court"

  1. robert.rhodes02   September 3, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Apparently Ilan believes that Preserve Ramapo is such a treasured organization that Preserve Rockland must be removed from the ballot.

    Maybe he is also afraid that Preserve Rockland might be confused with Rockland Preserve as well as the many local, regional, and national organizations that have the word Preserve in the titles.

    We can then go on and point out that there are many organizations with the word Republican or Democratic in their titles. Maybe we should also outlaw those parties as well.

    Of course, if Ilan cared one small bit about preserving out county he would not be fighting us.

    Robert I. Rhodes,


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