Democratic Primary candidate for county executive, Legislator Ilan Schoenberger

ilan_photoIlan Schoenberger has been a resident of Rockland County for over 50 years. He is a graduate of Clarkstown High School and SUNY Rockland. He also graduated from Pace University and St. John’s Law School. With Rhoda, his wife of over 42 years, Ilan raised a family in Rockland and has roots that run deep in the community.

Ilan Schoenberger’s experiences in government have been extensive and diverse. For over 42 years, he has been a practicing attorney in Rockland, and put his knowledge and experience to use for the public.

In 1975, he began his county government career as the Assistant County Attorney, and in 1983, Ilan was appointed County Attorney, a position he held for over ten years. When the County Charter was written, Ilan helped to write it, and when the County Executive’s office was proposed, he helped create it as the County Attorney.

In 1995, Ilan Schoenberger was elected to the Rockland County Legislature, and has served there for over 17 years. As a legislator, he also served as a chair of numerous key committees, including Budget and Finance, and Planning and Public Works. Schoenberger was also the Chair of the Legislature in 2001 and 2002.


1) Eliminate The County Deficit: As a County Legislator, Ilan Schoenberger wrote the Deficit Reduction Act, and as County Executive he will ensure it is followed, so that ten million dollars from each year’s budget goes directly toward eliminating the deficit. He will install sound financial practices in county government so that the deficit never happens again.

2) Create The County Comptroller Post: As County Executive, Ilan Schoenberger will create an independently elected office of County Comptroller to manage the county’s finances and restore financial accountability to Rockland’s government. It will be at no cost to County taxpayers, as it will replace the existing Finance Commissioner post.

3) Rebuild Rockland’s Infrastructure: Rockland has crumbling roads, streets, bridges and inadequate drainage and flooding. As County Executive, Ilan Schoenberger will partner with the towns and villages to repair our broken roads and drainage infrastructure – which will create real jobs for Rockland in the process.

4) Open The Office Of County Executive: As Rockland’s next County Executive, Ilan Schoenberger will open the doors of the County Executive’s office to the people of Rockland. He will hold regular open meetings for members of the public to discuss issues with him and all county department heads, so that issues can be addressed immediately and correctly and will meet with residents in their towns and village halls.

5) Be A Hands-On Manager Of County Government: Ilan Schoenberger will use his detailed knowledge of county government to be a day-to-day manager of government. With a hands-on approach, he will ensure that government in Rockland runs more efficiently, provides the services it needs to, and is in control of its finances.


Ilan Schoenberger has more experience in Rockland’s government than any candidate for County Executive. He understands the details of county government, and the potential that it has. Schoenberger’s experience in running county government before and during the time there was an office of County Executive sets him apart from his opponents, and makes him uniquely qualified to lead Rockland beginning on Day One of his new term.

Rockland’s challenges were not caused by one issue or person. Having a County Executive that understands the sources of our government’s problems and is able to identify all the potential solutions to those problems is critical, and is what makes Ilan Schoenberger uniquely qualified for this position.

Fighting state mandates, passing legislation that cuts costs but not services, and building the most efficient county government, are part of the record Ilan Schoenberger has amassed as a county leader and will continue as County Executive. They are part of a record of promises kept – not empty promises made in the heat of a political campaign that Rockland residents have grown weary of.


As County Executive, Ilan Schoenberger will tackle the two biggest issues facing our county.

Firstly, he will straighten out the finances of Rockland County. By eliminating the deficit and passing cost-cutting legislation, he will ensure that Rockland never again faces these incredible financial hardships. By creating an independent office of County Comptroller, he will restore the public’s trust in their county government and provide long-term financial accountability.

Secondly, Ilan Schoenberger will repair our broken infrastructure. He will fix our broken roads and bridges, and work to end chronic flooding, which has plagued so many areas of Rockland for decades. This will create needed jobs and improve the quality of life for Rocklanders.

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