“Goat Feed” and “The Tiger” Presented at Shades Repertory, Haverstraw


“Goat Feed,” written and directed by Samuel Harps who heads up Shades Rep Theatre in Haverstraw, dwells on the day of freedom in South Africa, the end of apartheid and a black goat herder who confronts a white goat farmer by claiming the land the herder feels belongs to him.

This is a highly dramatic confrontation with the herder Betu, played by Rahiem Wilson Morgan, wrestling away the goat farmer’s pistol as the verbal dispute erupts into violence, Nick Byrne, Gordon, the goat farmer and Betu confront each other and dispute the matter with Gordon pointing out that they were like family growing up together and their forbears having a long association. But Betu is adamant and wants the land which Gordon does not want to easily give up.

The confrontation continues and comes to a dramatic ending with Betu reluctantly agreeing that they can co exist and something can be worked out. Nick Byrne and Rahiem Morgan are effective in their roles aided by Moira Box, who plays Rachel, Gordon’s wife and seeks to calms things down as does Freda, Rahiem’s woman portrayed by Ebon’ee Collens. I rate Goat Feed Two Out of Four Stars!!

“The Tiger” is a story about a disgruntled postal worker, said to be a borderline genius, who kidnaps a suburban housewife to vent his anger against the establishment. Ben, portrayed by actor Nick Pascarella, is surprised when the tables are turned in the confrontation in his apartment where he takes the tied up housewife, Gloria, played by Jessica Jaber, and he is forced to look inside his own mad world.

Ben is dominant over Gloria and fondles and kisses her. Gloria is terrified but eventually realizes she can best escape by dialoging with her tormenter and convincing him that there is goodness in the world and he can be a better person. It winds up with Ben calling Gloria to his bed and the pair embracing and Gloria getting dressed up and leaving.

Ben is happier. Gloria is happy to be freed and seemed to enjoy the sex with the pair giving each other long kisses as they part. There is a lot of dialogue, mostly from Ben about his rants against civilization and Gloria calming him down and successfully getting out of the bad situation. “The Tiger” is directed by Samuel Harps. I rate The Tiger Two Stars Out of four!!

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