Is Obamacare a time bomb for the average wage earner?

Craig Bergman
Craig Bergman

Death and taxes may be the one thing we can all be certain of, but would the Supreme Court have declared the Affordable Care Act a tax if the Internal Revenue Service did not exist?

Craig Bergman, conservative talk show host in syndication in 12 states, gave the Court’s decision a thumbs down in an interview with The Rockland Times about the documentary he is working on: “Unfair: Exposing The IRS.”

According to Bergman, if more people spoke up and had the IRS dismantled, they would not be penalized if they could not afford to sign up for Obamacare. The New York exchanges for the heathcare program are scheduled to open October 1.

Bergman’s main concern is the uptick in scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service, saying 16,000 new agents will be hired by the agency specifically to monitor tax returns for healthcare participation. He hopes his new documentary will expose the inner workings of the IRS and spur Americans into action.

Bergman adds the only reason Obamacare has been pushed back to January, 2015 for businesses is to protect the 2014 mid-term elections. “If Obamacare went into effect on January 1, 2014, as originally intended, it would be a crushing blow to the Democratic party.”

The conservative talk show host’s mission is to expose the IRS’s growing “militaristic power given to it by Congress…who will be hurt the most by this are the lower and lower-middle class wage earners, not big business and not Congress. Many employers are opting out of offering healthcare to employees, telling them to apply through their state’s new health care exchange….and the IRS will be monitoring each and every taxpayer to insure they have been signed up…if they aren’t, they will be penalized by having their ‘premium’ deducted from their tax refund.”

Whether banker or baker, everyone who files a federal return will be under the increasingly-watchful eye of the IRS, says Berman. “It’s time the American people realized the broad powers Congress has allowed the IRS. If they thought the Affordable Care Act was so wonderful, why did our federal legislators opt out of the program?”

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