The Village of West Haverstraw is getting a facelift. The Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center has announced that work will be beginning in mid-September to restore the historic Water Tank that dominates the skyline in Garnerville. Visible from Low Tor Mountain, the Hudson River and throughout much of the Haverstraw area, the Water Tank rises above the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, a former 19th century textile mill now listed as a Historic District on the State Register of Historic Places.

Work will include the erection of a temporary monopole to house cellular antennas which will need to be removed from the 80-foot high Water Tank while work is underway. “The end result will be a restored and freshly painted Water Tank that will brighten the face of the community”, said Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center President Robin E. Rosenberg.

Mayor of West Haverstraw, John Ramundo, agrees. He said, “The Center and surrounding neighborhood are West Haverstraw’s historic hub. Restoring this area is not only important for the Center but for all village residents and businesses.”

Depending on weather conditions, the work should be completed by next spring.

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