Press Release: Rockland Restaurants Rally for Clean, Safe and Affordable Water!

Water Week in Rockland Restaurants (September 23-30)


More than 20 Rockland County restaurants are joining together to raise funds to help the Rockland Water Coalition in its fight against United Water’s proposed Hudson River Desalination Plant and to ensure that we pursue the most sustainable options to supply clean, safe and affordable drinking water for Rockland County residents and businesses.

Rockland Water Week is a great opportunity for all foodies to enjoy great meals out and recognize participating restaurants for their commitment to help. During the week of Monday, Sept. 23, to Monday, Sept. 30, each of the restaurants will pick a day or night and donate 10 percent of their profits to fight this good fight. Many restaurant owners and chefs are concerned about this desalination proposal, knowing that patrons want to feel good about the quality of the food and water they consume. The Rockland Water Coalition’s website,, lists the participating Rockland restaurants and indicates which day or night each restaurant has chosen to offer its donation, so you can plan to eat a delicious meal and know that you are also supporting the Rockland Water Coalition’s efforts to keep your drinking water clean, safe and affordable.

Members of the Rockland Water Coalition have collected signature from over 24,500 Rockland residents opposing United Water’s plans to build a Hudson RIver desalination plant in Haverstraw Bay for Rockland County’s drinking water. The plant is extremely energy intensive and, if built, will cause residential water rates to increase dramatically, up to $400-$500 per year, tying our future water rates to higher and higher energy costs and making Rockland’s water bills among the highest in the nation. Rockland residents are also very concerned about the plant’s impact on the Hudson River and drinking treated Hudson River water, which may contain trace amounts of radioactive compounds from the leaking Indian Point Nuclear Plant, which is located just 3.5 miles upstream.


Funds raised during Rockland Water Week, which runs from September 23-30, will help the Rockland Water Coalition hire experts to testify in the public interest on the question of need for more water at the upcoming Public Service Commission (PSC) Public Hearings on October 1 at the Clarkstown South High School and on October 2 at the Haverstraw Elementary School, starting at 6:00 pm. The Rockland Water Coalition is asking Rockland County residents and businesses to join with them and show your support for sustainable water planning by attending the PSC hearings. Learn about more clean safe and affordable options for Rockland’s drinking water, how you can volunteer, and get directions to the hearings at or by calling 845-429-2020.

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