Hillcrest man charged with attempted murder


Hillcrest – Ramapo police arrested two men involved in a domestic dispute which ended in a non-fatal stabbing on September 20, charging one party with assault and another with attempted murder.

The incident occurred when Darren Dade, 32, became involved in a heated argument with his uncle, Carl Dade, 50. Darren allegedly punched Carl in the mouth, inflicting lacerations to the mouth and prompting the older man to allegedly attack and wound the younger man with a knife.

Ramapo police were contacted by Darren after he had been brought to Nyack hospital, where he was treated for a non-fatal puncture wound to the chest and released. Carl was located at the emergency room of Good Samaritan Hospital, where he had gone to have his own wound treated, arrested, and charged with attempted murder, a class B felony.

After his release, Darren was brought into custody for the initial blow inflicted upon Ward and charged with Assault in the third degree, a class A misdemeanor.

Both Darren and Carl are being held at Rockland County Jail. A $1,000 bail was set for Darren, who is expected to return to court on September 26. Carl is being held on $50,000 bail and is expected to return on October 10.

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