Is HE Stable?

urlObama’s slow boil of America continues

In an address to the United Nations this week, President Barack H. Obama stated his belief that thanks to the efforts of the United States, the world is more stable than it was five years ago.

Given the instability in the Middle East, which nearly led to a war with Syria earlier this month, and a vicious terrorist attack in Kenya this past week, many are asking, if Obama believes this, “Is HE stable?”

It’s just been that kind of week.

In other bad news from the ‘Obamerica’ universe; this past week it was revealed that the US Parks Dept. had produced a video praising the role of Islam historically in advancing women’s right; the president signed an UN sponsored small arms treaty that the U.S. Senate has voted against due to infringements on the Second Amendment; close relatives of Seal Team Six members shot down in the Afghan attack on a US helicopter in 2011 (shortly after Vice President Joe Biden publicly announced the team’s identity as the assassins of Osama bin Laden) have filed suit against the United States government; and a Maryland man, Robert Small, was arrested for merely asking questions about the controversial new Common Core curriculum at public schools.

Parents and relatives of Seal Team Six members killed in the 2011 Afghan attack have accused the government of not coming forward with an adequate explanation of how the attack transpired and numerous consistencies. One parent went so far as to accuse the Obama administration of complicity in the attack, as a trade-off for getting Osama bin Laden.

The Maryland man in the Common Core case had all charges against him dropped.

In other national news this week, Senator Ted Cruz made good on a promise to filibuster the funding of Obamacare, speaking for 20 straight hours before retiring. Cruz had proposed defunding the law as a means of blocking its implementation. The law has proven unpopular and more costly than originally estimated. Many Americans, including Rocklanders, have reported the law has had an adverse impact on their health insurance situation.

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