Letter to the Editor: READER: WE SHOULD FEAR DESAL

To the Editor,

I am a private citizen who happens to be very concerned about United Water’s proposed Desalination Plant on the Haverstraw Bay. Suffice it to say, I will not go into all of the reasons I am against this plant, as my opinions are the same as many environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, Rockland Water Coalition and River Keepers.

However, because of my strong feelings surrounding this issue, I quickly became active in a fun – fundraiser – Water Week in Rockland Restaurants, a week in which local restaurants (which are always so generous in donating to causes they believe in)will give of themselves by donating 10 percent of their profits during the week of September 23 – to September 30, in advance of the public hearing with the Public Service Commission on October 1 and 2, to help raise funds and defray the costs of having experts testify as to the need for the Desalination Plant.

The people of Rockland should know that many restaurant owners, which help support other local businesses, are very concerned about the future of our water in Rockland, whether it will be of the quality and safety they need in order to serve the public – their patrons. The Rockland Water Coalition asks interested eaters to come out for Water Week in Rockland Restaurants and go to www.sustainablerockland.org for more information, as Rockland Restaurants Rally for Safe Water.


Jacquelyn Drechsler
Valley Cottage

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