Letter to the Editor: PLEASE STOP STEALING MY SIGNS! Free speech is not a game.

To the Editor,

As a candidate for political office (Clarkstown Town Justice), my lawn signs represent not only my political expression and what I believe but the freedom of speech we all enjoy in our great country. Sadly, I’ve been noticing that many of my lawn signs throughout Clarkstown have been removed. The signs were not felled by wind or rain. They were methodically ‘pinched’ or knocked down. Some signs were found in a nearby dumpster, others behind bushes. Some just disappeared. Signs at various locations were replaced only to disappear again. The fact that my opponents’ signs at the same locations remain untouched leads to the inescapable conclusion that the methodical removal of my signs is intended to afford my opponents a political edge, but at what price?

Free and open political debate is at the heart of our democracy. Those who seek to deny that debate by the theft or destruction of political lawn signs strike a blow against our American ideal. Stealing signs also happens to be a crime. I urge everyone, regardless of party affiliation, to stand up for the principles this country stands for and call the police if you see the vandalism or theft of a political sign — anyone’s sign. I urge my opponents to speak with their supporters and remind them that stifling free speech in un-American and wrong.

Ed Kallen
Candidate for Clarkstown
Town Justice

One Response to "Letter to the Editor: PLEASE STOP STEALING MY SIGNS! Free speech is not a game."

  1. aj44pct   October 24, 2013 at 2:42 am

    In Rockland County Freedom of Speech is a game.
    Even the Sheriff doesn’t know what free speech means.
    So how can anyone else know if the Sheriff and his deputies don’t know what it means?
    Just ask the Sheriff what it means to say….Heads Will Roll for Waste, Frud and Abuse? He may just arrest you for uttering this Idiom…and by the way….he and his men are not educated about Idioms and their intended meanings.
    Best of luck.

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