D’oh! Koplen’s Afghanistan “joke” falls short

1382731609861A recent Facebook exchange between Ramapo Supervisor candidate Michael Koplen (R) and Aaron Moeller, editor of the Advocate weekly newspaper, prompted Koplen to make an embarrassing joke, which cast nearby village West Haverstraw in a less-than-flattering light.

In response to a picture of a pay-to-use internet station in West Haverstraw, Koplen responded that it looked like it was from Afghanistan. When told that it was from West Haverstraw, he asked what the difference was between the town and the war-torn country. Though the comment might have been in bad taste, it only elicited a strong negative reaction on Facebook from a few, including Ramapo Councilman Daniel Friedman, who argued the comment was an insult to the village.

In contrast, Steve Lieberman with the Journal News weighed in and argued the matter was irrelevant compared to other issues such as the approval and financial status of Boulder Stadium. A project he pointed out that Friedman supported against the better judgement of voters.

Politicians who expressed disappointment in “real life” include West Haverstraw Mayor John Ramundo (D) and county executive candidate Ed Day (R).

2 Responses to "D’oh! Koplen’s Afghanistan “joke” falls short"

  1. Rockland Gal   October 31, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    That was a very elitist comment Michael Koplen made and sounds like something a bloc member would say. The residents of West Haverstraw pay taxes, are contributing members of society and not involved in illegal housing problems.

  2. Rob Miele   November 3, 2013 at 10:41 am

    I used to work in Mike’s office and I can tell you he is a funny guy with a sense of humor. I suggest you get one too so lighten up. Mike is by far the best candidate. He is very qualified. If I lived in Ramapo, I’d be voting for him.

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