Clarkstown Receives Local Government Efficiency Grant for Consolidation of the Receiver of Taxes with the Town Clerk’s Office

Supervisor Alexander J. Gromack announced last week that the New York State Department of State has awarded the town with a $90,000 grant for the consolidation of the Office of the Receiver of Taxes and the Town Clerk. Implementing the merger of the Receiver of Taxes into the Town Clerk’s office will involve:

•eliminating four staff positions;

•providing the Town Clerk’s office with a comprehensive data management system that integrates the functions of the Clerk’s Office with those of billing and collection of taxes,

•allowing the Clerk’s staff to access all functions of the Clerk’s Office and the tax collection process;

•implementing collection system for direct deposit from tax payers’ checking accounts and a consumer friendly credit card payment system;

•remodeling the Clerk’s office to include a tax collection window for those who wish to pay in person and reconfiguring staff space.

Supervisor Gromack said, “The primary goal of the consolidation project is to achieve greater efficiency in the delivery of services for the collection of taxes and for the services of the Clerk’s office, as well as to achieve cost saving for the taxpayers.”

Town Clerk Justin Sweet said, “I am glad that the Department of State recognized our efforts to continue restructuring local government and saving taxpayers’ money. I look forward to working to maximize the savings for our residents while continuing to provide the services our residents have become accustomed to.”

When fully implemented the savings of consolidating the two offices will be $508,115 annually.

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