Skriloff Celebrates First Electoral Run with Taco Giveaway

Skriloff, center, with some of those who gathered for free tacos in Stony Point
Skriloff, center, with some of those who gathered for free tacos in Stony Point

Conservative and Republican nominee for the 2013 Stony Point supervisor election, Dylan Skriloff, celebrated his first foray into electoral politics with a Taco Truck party on Saturday, November 9. Though he lost his race, all were in good spirits at the event, which Skriloff said was also a “thank you” for the approximately 1,500 votes he received.

Over 75 persons showed up over the course of the 90 minute event, which took place in the parking lot of the recently closed Las Margaritas restaurant in Stony Point. About 200 tacos were given away by Skriloff, with the help of Rockland Web Design President Tom Ossa, who chipped in to buy 60 of the tacos.

During the campaign 34-year-old Skriloff, who is also editor-in-chief of this newspaper, had told fans of the new Taco Truck he’d throw a party following the election, win or lose. “Candidates should make good on their promises,” Skriloff said.

Many attendees of the event encouraged Skriloff to run again for office and thanked him for putting himself out there against a well-known incumbent.

With a GOP sweep of council-member seats, picking up two positions for a 4-1 board majority for the first time in over a decade, Skriloff said he felt like part of a winning team. “Though my own race didn’t pan out, overall our ticket and our message did quite well. It will be interesting to see how my running mates perform. I am in a unique position to hold the board’s feet to the fire as editor of the Rockland County Times after having been inside the electoral system myself.”

The Taco Truck has been a popular novelty since arriving in Haverstraw two months ago. It is usually parked in downtown Village of Haverstraw in the municipal parking lots between RCC and Knights of Columbus, but Skriloff brought it to Stony Point for the occasion.

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