Public Service Announcement from the Clarkstown Police

PSA from CPD

As the holiday season approaches, we are seeing an increase in larcenies from motor vehicles in our Commercial District along the Route 59 Corridor. Most of these larcenies have occurred during the evening whereby the perpetrator(s) smashes a window to gain access to the vehicle. This week larcenies have occurred in the following parking lots: Kohl’s, Rockland Plaza, Costco, and the Palisades Mall. Items taken have included small electronic devices and personal property such as handbags and backpacks.

The Clarkstown Police Department is aggressively investigating these larcenies and is seeking the cooperation of the public by following some simple crime prevention habits when leaving their car unattended.

– Close windows and sunroofs completely and lock your vehicle.

– Do not leave valuables, electronic devices, or personal property visible inside your vehicle. If you must leave them place them out of sight, preferably the trunk.

– Consider keeping the receipts on your person for merchandise purchased which are left unattended.

– Park in a well lit area, heavily traveled by pedestrian traffic. Avoid dark, secluded areas.

– Automobile alarms are readily available. Advertise the fact that you have one using window decals.

– Electronic devices such as GPS units, laptops, portable music players and cellular phones are prime targets. Maintain a record of make, model and serial number for each item.

– Do not hide spare keys on the vehicle, the criminals know where to find them.

– Do not hesitate to report suspicious persons in or around parked vehicles.

If you are a victim, report the incident immediately to the police. Do not touch anything and wait for the police to arrive. Be prepared to supply a list of items stolen with make, model, and serial number if possible.

The Clarkstown Police Department is asking anyone who observes suspicious activity in a parking lot to report it immediately without delay. Anyone with information regarding these larcenies is encouraged to contact the Clarkstown Police Department at 845-639-5800 or the TIPS line at 1-877-639-6233.

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