Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: Grateful Beyond Words

When you are little, you can’t stand your parents. There’s all the rules, all the things you have to do and not getting things you want. But as you get older you realize just how much you need your parents, how much they love you and how your life wouldn’t be the same without them. This Thanksgiving I am not only grateful for my parents, who have given me so much, but I am also thankful for all the love and support they have given me beyond what I could ever imagine. I don’t even want to think where I would be without them.

I am also grateful for all my true friends, who know that I may make a mistake, but they love me anyway, for those who support me by either by purchasing a book, sharing a link, or posting about my books on their pages. Thanks to my true friends for also the smiles, the laughs and of course memories. Because in the end, that is the stuff that can never be measured.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

** As a thank you to my fans and friends my new book is FREE from today until November 30th **

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