Letter to the Editor: SAD TO SEE FRANK GO

To the Editor,

It’s a sad time, but also a happy time. I am sad to see Frank Brooks, our Town of Haverstraw Highways superintendent, retire, but also happy for Frank that he can enjoy a well-earned retirement. Frank has done a great job and has put together a fine devoted crew of men and women who have been diligent and most helpful through the many years. Frank, you are leaving behind a great legacy, which will be hard to follow.

You will be starting a new phase in your life where you can enjoy all the things you never had time for. Enjoy every minute of it. Do all the things you wanted to. God bless you and your family my door is always open for a chat and cup of coffee. As they say in the Navy, “A Job Well Done.” Best of luck.

Martin Bagrosky, WWII Vet

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