Sex Harass Victim Cheryl Croci and Seniors Coordinator Mauren Corallo are Two Surprising Layoffs in Haverstraw

Two layoffs in the Town of Haverstraw this year have already ignited controversy.

Towns have a reorganization meeting at the beginning of each year, in which various positions are officially filled and sometimes layoffs are announced. This year, in Haverstraw, Cheryl Croci, a confidential assistant to the highway superintendent who has been involved in a sexual harassment complaint against the town for the past four and a half years, and Maureen Corallo, the town’s senior programs coordinator who supported Phillips’ nemesis John Piperato in the highway superintendent race, have both been informed they will be relieved of their duties come the new year.

Croci, a full-time employees for over 15 years and part-time for over 30 years, said incoming highway superintendent George Wargo Jr. had previously told her he looked forward to working with her. She blamed Phillips for her layoff.

Corallo had been outspoken in her support of highway superintendant candidate John Piperato, which many supporters of Corallo believe has led to her layoff. Phillips and his supporters had backed Wargo Jr. in one of the most contentious campaigns in recent Haverstraw history.

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