Assemblyman Lalor Names Priority Bills for 2014

Column by Assembly Kieran Lalor (Dutchess County)

kieran lalor2Creating jobs, reducing taxes and reforming Albany must be our priority in 2014. Here are 17 bills that can help New York achieve these goals.

Key Bills for 2014 Legislative Session

• Assembly Bill A.4580 to cap all state spending to the level of inflation.

• Assembly Bill A.4158 to stop the state from hiding taxes in recurring “fees” on the taxpayer.

• Assembly Bill A.8131 to repeal the START-UP NY program because it costs taxpayers more than $330 million dollars, won’t create jobs and represents a glaring example of crony capitalism where Albany picks winners and losers.

• Assembly Bill A.5839 which authorizes municipal corporations, school districts and BOCES to consolidate services and functions to save taxpayer dollars.

• Assembly Bill A.2088 which enacts the New York State Thruway Authority Accountability Act and merges the Thruway Authority into the Department of Transportation.

• Assembly Bill A.6146 to require drug testing for welfare recipients.

• Assembly Bill A.7368 which limits the terms of both state Assemblymen and Senators.

• Assembly Bill A.6161 which allows for recall elections for politicians who violate the public trust.

• Assembly Bill A.6782 which reduces the salaries of all legislators by 10%.

• Assembly Bill A.7564 to cap the state gas tax at the national average, which will save drivers 20 cents per gallon.

• Assembly Bill A.7289 which reduces per diem and travel expenses of legislators and requires receipts for all reimbursements.

• Assembly Bill A.7290 which eliminates costly and often abused leadership stipends.

• Assembly Bill A.7570 which takes away pensions from politicians convicted of a crime.

•Assembly Bill A.07994 which repeals Common Core state education standards initiative.

• Assembly Bills A.5608 and A.5955 to repeal the onerous and unconstitutional SAFE Act.

• Assembly Bill A04972 which enacts the New York state Mandate Relief for School Districts Act.

• Assembly Bill A06546 which enacts the Taxpayer Protection and Mandate Relief Act.

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