To the Editor,

I enjoyed your predictions for 2014 in your always interesting Rockland County Times. I think 4 through 1 are on target. Did you post #5 just to get a rise out of me? Do you really believe St. Lawrence won’t be indicted!? Here’s my response:

The FBI has an embarrassment of riches. How many people will be indicted? Have you noticed that the trial of (Spring Valley’s former mayor) Naromie Jasmine and her deputy mayor is still not underway? Why the stall? Are they singing?

Why has the Grand Jury repeatedly taken testimony from Ramapo’s Melissa Reimer, the financial assistant St. Lawrence fired because she apparently objected repeatedly to his financial decisions. What did she record on the two smart phones she used for at least two years to document St. Lawrence’s financial instructions?

For more information on her strange dismissal hearing down at town hall google her at “Preserve Ramapo Melissa Reimer.” Is this going to be another of the FBI’s famous dragnets where dozens of conspirators are all arrested at the same time? These indictments are very complicated and take lots of time to prepare.


Robert I. Rhodes
Chairman, Preserve Ramapo

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