Dominican American Coalition Reaches Health Care and Legal Aid Agreement with Dominican Congressional Representative

DSC_0354 IMG_1230 IMG_1236 IMG_1237 (1) photo-1The Dominican and American Coalition of Rockland, met on Sunday with the Dominican Congressional Deputy Hon. Alfredo Rodriguez, who discussed issues of mutual interest and reached an agreement to allow local Dominicans to videoconference with doctors and lawyers in their home country.

Hon. Rodriguez, who was elected as the first deputy overseas in the last elections of May 16, 2012, pledged to work in conjunction with the Coalition’s Rockland chapter to help Dominicans living in the Village of Haverstraw and agreed to the implementation of the video conferencing system for anyone who has legal or medical problems in the Dominican Republic, at no cost to the petitioner. “It’s time that Dominicans stop being fooled and that they have a direct line to take care of the issues abroad,” Rodriguez said.

The Coalition’s Chief Operating President Mr. Frank Abreu said the agreement was a “great achievement” and would benefit the Dominican national community in Haverstraw and Rockland County. Abreu calls upon anyone and all public institutions who would like to assist with the initiative to contact him.

Hon. Rodriguez said the coalition services and initiatives will benefit everyone, as concerned citizens will not have to waste time going to the Dominican Republic as has been done for many years. José Muñoz, a member of the Coalition and president of the Lions Club, said the agreement was historic, as often Dominican politicians have forgotten the day after the elections whom they must be accountable to.

Joel Santana, president of the youth initiative of the Dominican American Coalition of Rockland said this service will help launch a community campaign to especially help Dominican nationals in Rockland County. This will also serve as a bridge for the youth, whom often find themselves taking care of matters on their own and having to spend a fortune in having to travel internationally.

For any information please call 845-826-4679 – 845-459-9686.

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