1504067_10151863620725847_690111232_nIt’s been seven years since he stood on the Assembly floor as a 20-something freshman lone wolf and declared, to the chagrin of his fellow lawmakers, that New York State had the “most dysfunctional” government in America. He has blazed a similar trail since and, somehow, his confrontational style has worked.

Putnam politician Greg Ball (R), currently a state senator, continues to see his stock rise and now he is hinting he may run for Putnam County executive this year. If he does, the decision will be consistent with his term limits reform: Ball says after serving a few terms lawmakers should “move up or move out.”

New Yorkers should keep their eyes on Ball as a possible future gubernatorial or Congressional candidate. In fact, he ran for Congress in District 19 for several months during the 2010 election cycle, before dropping out to make room for Nan Hayworth. At the time Congressional District 19 included North Rockland within its boundaries. Currently District 17 contains all of Rockland within it.

Ball launched his successful run for state Senate in 2010 instead.

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