Haverstraw Pothead Sentenced to Five Years Jail for Stoned Attack on Neighbor

His neighbor asked him to stop smoking a bone, but instead he threatened to break his neighbor’s bones. Now he’s looking at five years in prison.

Pot did not calm down Mayfield
Pot did not calm down Maurice Mayfield

Maurice Mayfield, 35, of West Haverstraw, was sentenced Wednesday to five years prison and five years post-release supervision by New York State Supreme Court Justice William A. Kelly, after pleading guilty to burglary in the second degree.

District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe said that on August 11, 2013 at approximately 4:30 p.m., Mayfield was smoking a reefer outside his apartment building when a neighboring resident asked that he stop. At first Mayfield went to his own apartment to continue smoking, but then decided to go back outside and  yell at the neighbor through his outside window. Mayfield then kicked open the victim’s door and threatened the victim with a knife in one hand and punched the victim with the other hand.

The case has drawn increased interest in light of the recent debate over legalizing marijuana. Mayfield’s behavior runs counter to the stereotype of the calm stoner.


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