Aizzah Fatima to do a one woman show for Shades


Dirty_Paki_Lingerie_TitleFatima, a member of Bats, the resident acting company at Flea Theatre in Tribeca, had been looking for a venue for her play “Dirty Paki Lingerie” and was led to Samuel Harps at Shades. The result is a March 7 and 8 appearance for Fatima, who will do a series of monologues that deals with sex, race, politics and religion all based on real events and research.

Fatima wrote the play and it will be shown in the basement theater at the Presbyterian Church on Main Street, Haverstraw, directed by Erica Gould and produced by Shades Rep. Fatima is now at work on a feature film based on the charaters from the “Lingerie” play and has an extensive background in theatre. She was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Michigan.

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