NYGOP Chair Asks Orange County Chair to Resign after Sex Photos Exposed

The sex life of 48-year-old Orange County GOP Chairman Robert Krahulik may end up costing him his political career.

Krahulik has taken a 60-day leave of absence after an ex-girlfriend “exposed” his habit of sending crotch shots to women via emails and text message. However, NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox went further, asking that Krahulik resign his post.

The scorned 26-year-old ex-girlfriend posted a photo of Krahulik’s privates after he sent the shot to a friend of hers.

“I categorically deny sending any lewd photographs to the 26- year-old woman that was the subject of the Facebook post,” Krahulik is quoted in the NY Daily News as telling the Orange County GOP Committee. “I will not deny, however, having shared, perhaps, provocative photographs with other people in my past…I’m embarrassed for myself, embarrassed for what my family is going through, and embarrassed for what we’re all going through tonight,” he told the committee.

Krahulik, a father of two, has been separated from his wife for six years, the Daily News reported.

NYGOP Chair Ed Cox released the following statement:

“We were deeply disappointed to learn of Chairman Krahulik’s behavior last week. The work we have ahead of us as a Committee in 2014 is too crucial to allow for these revelations to become a lingering distraction.

“Party officers in Orange County have called on Mr. Krahulik to resign. He should do so immediately.”

UPDATE: Krahulik resigns

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