Robert Krahulik Resigns

Days after NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox requested he quit, Orange County GOP Chairman Robert Krahulik has resigned from his post.

Krahulik, 48, was embroiled in a sexting scandal that had led him to voluntarily take a 60-day leave of absence. Cox was not satisfied with a mere leave and asked for Krahulik’s resignation, which he ultimately provided in writing today, February 11.

Courtney Canfield-Greene moves up from the party’s first vice chairman position to take over for Krahulik through the end of his term in the Fall of 2015, as is required by party by-laws.

“I am pleased Mr. Krahulik has put the Orange County Republican Party and its candidates first,” said Canfield-Greene. “Now we can all re-focus on the critical work that lay ahead during the 2014 Election season.”

Austin DuBois, the committee’s second vice chair, will take over Canfield-Greene’s role as first vice chair.

Noteworthy considering the circumstances, Canfield-Greene is the first woman to serve as permanent chairman since Katharine St. George of Tuxedo, who served from 1942 through 1948.

Krahulik, a father of two who has been separated from his wife for six years, admitted to sending photos of his private areas to women. The habit caught up to him when a 26-year-old ex-girlfriend became enraged that Krahulik sent a photo to a friend of hers, and posted it on Facebook.