Dog_EliA 2½-year-old Jack Russell/Pug mix, Eli is a spunky little guy. He has no idea how small he is as he leaps upon the highest snow piles he can find and poses as if he just scaled Mt. Everest. An adorable dog, he has a taffy- colored coat, a black muzzle, intense black eyes and worry lines on his head. The worry lines are a ruse because he seems fearless. As an added bonus, he is already house trained. He is social, yet to some extent jumpy. He seems to prefer women to men. Somewhat toy- and blanket-possessive, he should go to a family without children. Come and meet this little dog; he is a hoot. Because of his small size, he would be ideal for apartment or condo dwellers. For additional information, please contact Hi-Tor Animal Care Center, 65 Fireman’s Memorial Drive, Pomona, NY or call 845-354-7900.

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