‘Dem Guns

Justin Sweet gunFirebrand right-wing legislator Frank Sparaco (R-Valley Cottage) continues to bedevil the liberal sensibilities of local Democrats through his string-pulling in the Independence Party.

Most recently Sparaco held a birthday fundraiser at Casa Mia House in Blauvelt teeming with Democrats seeking his love and approval. Sparaco raffled off a shotgun at the fundraiser, won by Democrat Justin Sweet (see photo), town clerk of Clarkstown, who may not be a Democrat for long judging by the looks of him.

Also present at the Sparaco bash was former 1960s socialist Shirley Lasker and 2013 county executive candidate David Fried, among dozens of other luminaries from the Republican, Democrat and third parties.

Not present was County Executive Ed Day who initially was promoted as a speaker at the event. Day and Sparaco are known for their failure to get along. Said one political ally of both Sparaco and Day, “It’s a shame, because Ed needs his vote.”

Sparaco, a lifelong Republican, has organized the Rockland County Independence Party in recent years, knocking on thousands of doors each year to keep voters engaged. Though the party has moved to the right since he gained influence, many critics in the Republican Party complain that the Independence line supports Democrats and that this is a conflict of interest for Sparaco and his close friend GOP Chairman Vinny Reda.

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