She's dark, she's dangerous, she's RCT humor columnist Ella Steinbeck
She’s dark, she’s dangerous, she’s RCT humor columnist Ella Steinbeck

I’m sure you’re as sick of these two words as I am… Justin Bieber.

What happened to the good old days when we did drugs, acted like idiots and tried to hide it from everyone?  Justin Bieber was busted in Miami recently, the details are still being debated. One fact that isn’t debatable was that his Dad was part of whatever was going on. Parents were more effective when they weren’t our “friends” weren’t they? So who do we blame for the Bieber train-wreck.  The parents? School systems? Canada? Rising healthcare costs? High fructose corn syrup?

My answer? The Kardashians. I blame the Kardashians for everything. I also blame, MTV  and society in general.  We, as a society,  gave a $40 million plane to JB  so he could fly his friends, family, bottles of xanax and pot  brownies around the world and he’s ONLY 19. WE gave him access to clubs, parties, skate boards, Mazarati’s, eggs and Selena Gomez. I hold everyone accountable who parented, produced, distributed, purchased music from and came in contact with this boy. It takes a village….to raise an idiot

We are obsessed with semi-talented/talented youth that instead of making them wait for stardom we give it to them young. TOO young. Of course he made a mess of his life! He has no idea of what life is or what it’s about. I don’t think his age or ignorance is an excuse but I do think we all need to look at ourselves and the role we play. We can’t act surprised that celebs act like idiots when we are all acting like idiots. It no longer seems to matter to us if our public figures are good, ethical or moral (thanks Bill Clinton and Mel Gibson).

What if we all raised our standards for everything? Why not stop allowing drug addicts, bullies and pedophiles to create our entertainment? What if we quit supporting people and things that don’t make sense and aren’t for the greater good? Would that help The Biebs?

I know at first these ideas may not seem directly relatable to the JB situation but  bear with me I think I’m on to something. My solution?  Start acting more civilized:  Women, make him call you instead of allowing him to get away with a “text” only relationship. Parents, don’t let your kids think it’s ok to curse at you or act disrespectful in public. They should also treat you courteously, always. Guys, be soft sometimes – no need to act hard, you are a man but you can take care of the people you love LOVINGLY.  Customer service people, act like you give a damn when I ask for something, it’s your job don’t take it for granted.  Young people, act like you want to impress the world around you, not take a dump on it.

Come to think of it, civilization is what differentiates us from the animals.  That and having thumbs. We may laugh at the naïveté of Mayberry, but can’t we take some of that innocence and decorum and lend it to the here and now? I don’t want to reverse women’s rights or live in a world with racism but I’d love to wake up to world with less Bieber trouble on TMZ.

That’s my 2 cents.

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