Credible reports of police officer struck by vehicle in Stony Point

UPDATE: Police have confirmed this report. A press release will be out within the hour, Stony Point PD stated. The officer who was hit was released from the hospital at 3 a.m. The officer reported being dragged by the car.

Credible reports have been circulating in North Rockland of a hit and run incident in which a police officer was struck by a moving vehicle last night in Stony Point.

One first responder who was monitoring the police scanner said he observed the following information:

A male perp hit two Stony Point cars and one police officer on Rt. 210, then took off with one officer in pursuit. The perp headed south on Central Highway, where Haverstraw PD joined in the pursuit. The pursuit continued west on Filors Lane to Pine Drive and the perp was taken into custody after cops used a taser on him.

Other persons who claim to be witnesses to parts of the event also have posted their observations on social media.

The severity of the police officer’s presumed injuries are not known to the media at this time, nor the identity of the perp and what charges he faces.

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