Nyack Village Theatre has a Winner with “The Wisdom Of Eve”

Eve Cast Photo for PressEve Cast Photo for PressEve Cast Photo for Press _Richard Quinn and the Nyack Village Theatre Players have put together a remarkable production of this tale about Broadway intrigue and what it might take to get ahead on the Great White Way.

The show features a stellar performance by Caterina Campagna as Eve, the ingenue who climbs the ladder of success on the backs of other people, and a well rounded cast of players including Rhea Vogel as Margo Crane, the aging star who becomes Eve’s primary target, and Mercedes Kent as Karen Roberts, wife of producer John Roberts (John Bale).

“The Wisdom Of Eve” casts a spotlight on what may happen in New York’s theatre world (hope it is not this bad) and with a lot of skin showing especially by Margo Crane, “Eve” keeps your attention with its many twists and turns. Spiced with timely music, Quinn keeps this vehicle moving and it is entertaining theatre.

Catch it May 15, 16,17,18, 23 and 24 at the Nyack Village Theatre on Main Street in Nyack. I rate “The Wisdom Of Eve” at Three Stars out of Four!!!!

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