The two-edged sword of sex (appeal)


With spring here and warm weather on the way, girls of all ages have started peeling off their layers. I started thinking about dressing “sexy” versus dressing “too sexy.” How young is too young.

She’s dark, she’s dangerous, she’s RCT humor columnist Ella Steinbeck

I believe that grown women should be able to dress however they would like if they are willing to take responsibility for it. I have gone to the club with my butt hanging out and nothing but a ribbon covering my chest. But then again, I lived in Vegas. That’s what you wear there. It’s the dress code. Actually, it’s a dress necessity.

In fact, you can’t get anyone to take you seriously if you dress seriously. It’s the only place on the planet that the cheaper you look the more money you can make. I’m not just talking about bartending or black jack dealing. I’m talking about being a secretary, a real estate broker, a banker or a dentist. I wish I was kidding. In Las Vegas, professional work attire is purchased at a store called The Hottie. It is located on Silverado Ranch and Eastern.

However, for the rest of the world, if you are letting it all hang out, and your skirt is barely covering your lady parts , you are going to get looks and glares and creeps will respond. Girls and women forget that when they dress provocatively EVERYONE sees them, not just the cute guy they were hoping to entice. I see all kinds of young girls, pre-teens, and teenagers wearing outfits that send the wrong message to potential predators online and off. Sexual attention is easy to get. Too easy.

I know some of you are saying, “You gotta pick your battles with your kids and clothes shouldn’t be one of them.” Yes, there are more important battles. Except dressing provocatively at a young age can lead to bigger battles and bigger problems long before you’re ready to deal with them.

We still live in a remarkably sexist society. The expectations for the sexes seems to remain radically different. It’s confusing for everyone, men and women. Men are told to value and respect us as equals, but we keep showing them that we want to be seen as sex objects. I wish we lived in a world where men could multi-task and see us as sexy people they want to respect. The male evolution process appears to be surprisingly slow.

On the other hand, it doesn’t help matters that there are a hundred positive male role models for every female one like Oprah. Unfortunately, way too many women choose the wrong role models like Kim K or Lindsay Lohan. Ugh! We need to remind ourselves that Oprah never wore crop-tops or booty shorts to get attention, a boyfriend, or a successful career.

Your kids aren’t getting ready to go on tour with Katie Perry or Lady Gaga. Keep them relatively conservatively dressed until they are at least 35. Too much? How about until they are at least old enough to buy their own clothes and car insurance?

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