Ed Day makes public goodbye/thank you note sent to Summit Park staff and administrators



July 17, 2014

Dear Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Care Center staff and administrators,

As you know, Rockland County formed a Local Development Corporation (LDC) in 2013 for the purpose of selling Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Care Center.

As discussed during our meeting in March, the move to privatize Summit Park does not reflect poorly on your performance or the quality of care offered to patients.  Due in large part to declining reimbursement rates, increased government mandates and lower census numbers, the difficult decision was made to sell the facility to help navigate the County beyond its serious fiscal challenges.

The LDC board last week unanimously passed a resolution to enter into a Purchase Sale Agreement, which allows the eventual sale of the 321-bed nursing home and 57-bed hospital facility to a private health care operator.  The $36 million bid of Summit Park Acquisition Group was chosen from four competitors that submitted proposals last fall.

With the expected transfer of ownership, Summit Park will be well-positioned to face the new realities of American healthcare.  For those of you who continue with the purchaser, I believe you will grow more as a professional, with expanded opportunities in a well-funded company.

As I close, I would like to thank you – the dedicated Summit Park employees – for working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.  Every member of our team helped to achieve our mission each day.  Our commitment to serving the needs of the people of Rockland County is unwavering.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to Deputy Commissioner Donna Pauldine and her team for their leadership during these critical months.

A transaction like this is complex and reflects the compliance required by a multitude of state and local agencies.  A transition team – including unionized hospital staff – will be established to ensure patient, employee and community needs are met during the process. We plan to meet with you again next week to keep you updated on the planning.


Edwin J. Day

Rockland County Executive

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