To the Editor,

One resonant theme of the NYS Public Service Commission proceedings in Albany regarding United Water and Rockland County, is “Outreach and Education”. The arrogant French-controlled utility lives in the same existential self-deception bemoaned by Sartre. United Water’s Jersey middle-management operatives tell us that our opposition to desalination and rate-increases are a mere product of our own lack of edification on the topic of water. Infuriatingly, United Water even seeks to charge us rate-payers money, in the form of surcharge, to so “educate” us.

Yet look at their individual credentials. Discarded expatriates. Third-rate intellects. Industry hacks. Small market toadies. And they want to teach us?

I have a better idea. Today Rockland County citizens launch our own “Outreach and Education” initiative – called “Educate United Water.” This initiative teaches United Water management the difference between ethical and unethical. Safe versus unsafe. Charge versus overcharge. Fact versus fiction. Transparency versus concealment. “Educate United Water” teaches United Water to stop ripping off its customers with arcane schemes. To stop abusing rate-payers. To stop delivering inferior product. Moreover, the “Educate United Water” initiative will now instruct United Water in the manifold benefits, to them, of a hasty departure from the County of Rockland.

We’ll teach them.

Very truly yours,
John J. Tormey III, Esq.
Dump Suez, LLC

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