MORELAND COMMISSION SCANDAL NEWS: Astorino launches new assault on Cuomo and Doc Cavallo of the Independence Party



New York–July 25…The Vice Chairman of the New York State Independence Party was being actively investigated by an independent Cuomo/Attorney General commission for holding a long-term no-show-job as part of a pay and pension scandal, according to an investigative report in today’s New York Post, and then, suddenly, the investigation…disappeared, the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino today noted.  Mr. Cuomo is running on the Independence Party line, a controversial ballot line multiple editorial boards advised Mr. Cuomo not to accept.

The party in question, Giulio “Doc” Cavallo, who also serves as the Independence Party Chairman of Westchester, has been on the state payroll for years, according to The Post, yet his ostensible supervisor has never heard of him. “I have never heard of this fellow,” the supervisor told the Post.

“A commission source confirmed it was looking into no-show patronage scams to determine if people got phony full-time or part-time jobs to qualify for state pension and health benefits,” a Moreland/AG Commission source told The Post. “There were multiple targets.”

“This report screams for inquiry,” said Astorino spokesman Bill O’Reilly. “An active criminal investigation into a political official — and the people who put him on the payroll — was halted in its tracks by Governor Cuomo, either when he shut the Moreland/AG Commission or prior to that. Governor Cuomo needs to tell us what happened and why.”

New York State government is ranked the most corrupt government in America by the University of Illinois. Mr. Cuomo has not been available to the public or the New York press corps since a bombshell New York Times story broke Tuesday about Mr. Cuomo’s interference with Moreland/AG Commission investigations.

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