Good News for South Orangetown CSD Homeowners; taxes to go down, state rebates to be issued

At the Board of Education meeting on August 25, 2014, the South Orangetown School District received a preliminary report on the positive results of operations for the year-ended June 30, 2014. The district reported that operational efficiencies will save taxpayer money this year by limiting the need to issue debt for things like technology and facility infrastructure improvements, tax refund claims from commercial property owners, etc. The efficiencies also will provide the district the ability to pay-off debt early, fund textbooks, materials, staff development, software, and technology equipment related to the change for Common Core and related unfunded New York State mandates, and if, necessary, assist in funding budget gaps.

The estimated tax rate for homeowners reflects a decrease of 1.77 percent based on the final information received from the Town Assessor. The average tax increase for homeowners over the past five years has been 1.20 percent. The Board of Education also issued the tax warrant to raise the school district tax levy in the amount of $72,882,628 for District purposes per the 2014-15 Adopted Budget and $225,000 for Library purposes, per the authorization by the District voters.

In addition, due to the fact that the School District once again stayed within the Tax Levy Cap, as prescribed by State Law, eligible homeowners will receive a check in the fall equal to the school taxes paid in 2013-14 at the rate of inflation of 1.46 percent, per the state.

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