Time to end corruption in Albany: vote for Rich Cocchiara in November

To the Editor,

The election this November for New York State office holders is one of the most critical elections in history. Numerous corruption scandals plague both Governor Andrew Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, the two most powerful men in Albany these past four years. The scandals are so bad for Cuomo that a nobody named Zephyr Teachout, a last minute candidate with no significant money but a lot of enthusiasm, took almost 35 percent of the Democrat Primary vote for governor a few days ago.

However, even though Sheldon Silver is under constant investigation, even though Silver has used $103,000 of taxpayer money recently to end sexual harassment charges against a Democrat legislator, and even though Silver gets $450,000 annually from a private law firm that specializes in negligence law that is written by Silver and his cronies in Albany, there is no chance that Sheldon Silver will not be re-elected to his Assembly District seat this November, thanks to gerrymandering, and a pathetic lower Manhattan financial district electorate which makes his district a one-party dictatorship.

What is needed in Albany are new Assembly representatives from other districts willing to vote Silver out of his Assembly Speaker position. The incumbent in the 99th Assembly District (which includes Stony Point), James Skoufis, is beholden to his mentor Sheldon Silver and the many thousands of dollars Silver’s minions at the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee are spending on the Skoufis re-election campaign.

So what are we the voting public going to do? Are we going to accept more of this corruption, or are we going to start fighting against it? In my case, I have had enough and I am not going to accept the same old politics anymore. That is why I am voting for Rich Cocchiara this November to be our next Assembly representative from the 99th AD. Rich is a person with integrity, with decades of business experience, and many years of local government service. Unlike Skoufis, Rich will stand up to Sheldon Silver and demand real change come to Albany. But first he needs our votes.


Mark Levy
Salisbury Mills
2012 GOP write-in candidate for Assembly

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