To the Editor,

I endorse Rich Cocchiara to become our next representative to the State Assembly for the 99th District. Rich is an innovative business leader, with a demonstrated ability to assist businesses and governments in solving major logistical and infrastructure problems. Rich and his wife, Judy, have resided and paid taxes in our district for decades while raising their 3 children. Rich has served as a town councilman for the past 12 years, knows firsthand what the problems are which confront the people of this district, and will do all that he can to make sure our voices are truly heard in Albany.

Rich wants to improve our community so that people will want to stay and live in New York, instead of fleeing our region due to high taxes and inadequate job opportunities. He wants to bring sanity back to our state’s education system by stopping Common Core, and he wants to provide a positive new business environment for entrepreneurs and corporations, for hourly wage earners, and for future college graduates. Finally, I have known Rich personally for more than 30 years and he is a person of integrity, and won’t be just another “photo-op” politician. He is honest, reliable, and willing to work the very long hours necessary to succeed in this position. I believe Rich Cocchiara is the person best qualified to be our next assemblyman, and I plan to vote for him this November. I hope you consider supporting him too.


Steven A. Kimmel

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